26 March, 2014

WLAN its advantages and disadvatages.

By- H. A. Patgiri.

WLAN short for wireless local area network is a very simple concept of networking your computers. The concept of Wlan is simple because you don't require wiring the whole building and you don't require maintenance of the cables also. For wireless networking your personal computers should be installed with wireless network cards which are now a days available in Indian markets in cheaper rates. You will also require wireless access points to allow wireless networking. If you want to allow wireless service in a single floor depending on the distance on or two access point will do. WLAN is simple to setup and maintain but its security is a concern. As there is no physical restrictions to wireless signals any one can enter in to your network without your knowledge. There are special security methods available like WEP, but still they have their limitations. Now a days the concept of wireless is getting importance for its advantages but only time will tell for sure about its existence. To improve the security of your WLAN Wireless access keys should be always changed regularly to prevent unwanted access as well as firewall should be installed in the server also. Hence we can say that a wireless network has advantages as well as disadvantages.

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